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From Fred’s famous Lunchtime Special to freshly landed catch of the day, our menu has got something for everyone.

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Chez Fred Takeaway

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Where will you eat yours…?
Remember – the sooner you eat it, the crispier it will be!

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Takeaway Daily Deals

At just £4.50 each, our Daily Deals offer amazing value.

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Sprat Pack for Kids

Fish and chips at Fred's has always been about fun - and none more so than for children.

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Allergens & Dietary

Here at Fred's, we are pleased to offer detailed information on all allergens and dietary requirements.

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As we use shared equipment in our kitchens, there is a potential risk of cross contamination and airborne allergens - therefore some products may not be suitable for those with severe allergies. For further information, please ask the manager.

We are also able to offer gluten-free options alongside regular batter every Tuesday lunchtime and evening, when dedicated pans are available to fry fish in our special gluten-free batter.

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